Let me guide you to a balanced, positive & sustainable life through

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Be the change you want to see! 

Using yoga, breath work, meditation, healthy diet and self-reflection tools to achieve success!

How to find your way back to the core of yourself and your inner power, which brings joy to life, new awareness, deeper understanding and courage to go your own way - with your true self. Learn to de-stress and let go of what's holding you back, become stronger in your body & mind. Learn the benefits of yoga and easy-to-follow videos on how to do the poses. 

When we are aligned with ourself, we also have more to offer others, and how we view the world is a reflection of the world within us. When we are unbalanced, the world around us will be affected as well. To create a sustainable life - positive cultures, positive environments, we have to start with our own health, attitude and awareness. Sign up for the online courses today and BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!

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Why me?

I've been there, done that and know that all these techniques works AND I'm a certified yoga teacher who will guide you, inspire you and cheer you on if your heart feels called for it!

Hi! My name is Lisen Ydse Christiansen. I'm a Norwegian certified Hatha yoga and meditation instructor as well as certified SUP Yoga instructor who have lived abroad for more than 10 years and traveled extensively. With a previous background as a manager in the corporate world of waste management for more than 6 years prior to starting The Sumati Yoga Concept, my passion for sustainable living runs deep and I incorporate these practices in my teachings. How WE can be more sustainable within ourselves so that we have more to offer the world.


After having gone through depression, self-harming, loss & grief, burnout and high blood pressure due to stress at age 30 and several self-sabotaging choices along the way, I found my balance, a way to use my fears are my power to move forward, my inner strength and voice through yoga. I DARED to go my own way, to follow my intuition.


And I'm here to tell you that you can do this too! I'm so ready to share all my knowledge and experiences with YOU so you can find YOUR INNER TRUTH AND STRENGHT and to truly be all of you!

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