Deepen your senses & awareness

Let's reset our focus through daily yoga and meditation classes, a daily dose of rejuvenation with lush jungle views, gain a greater perspective of life and build lifelong friendships - a true experience of wellness!

Bali Yoga Retreat:
A mindful & sustainable way of living

2020, (Dates TBD)

Ubud, Bali Indonesia


Deepen your practice of yoga and learn about it's philosophy.

Learn how we can use yoga as a way to transform ourselves towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Learn valuable pranayama (breathing) skills through workshops, yoga and meditation sessions.

Experience the enhanced awareness and deepening and awakening of the senses through meditation.


Experience the true Bali, get to know the local communities and how they live, and see beautiful places that are off the beaten crowded tourist traps.

Meet, connect and have fun with new people.

Connectivity that will last a lifetime!


Our everyday lives are so busy we have a tendency to fall into the pattern of "work eat sleep repeat" leaving us in status quo. We get so submerged with our phones and social media, we forget to fully be aware of what's around us. To lead a sustainable life, the ability to sustain a positive course of action and move forward, we must first become fully aware of ourselves, so that we have the strenght and ability to focus to change the courses of direction of everything else around and within. Join me as I aim to inspire and let me guide you to awaken your senses and deepen your awareness of all that you are, and all that there is. My aim is to expose you to the full meaning of yoga, seeking balance through the practice of ancient yogic techniques, inspire for a sustainable lifestyle with a healthy amount of fun added to it! I highly value quality over quantity; with our small retreat groups, I aim to the standard that all clients are within my care, physically and emotionally, and that everyone must be met to where THEY are. Through meditation I aim to create the space for you to fully feel your senses deepen and awaken.

Your yoga instructor and retreat hostess is The Sumati Concept founder and certified yoga instructor, Lisen Ydse Christiansen. Get to know her more by going to our About page here


  • Yoga is a bit new to you but you want to immerse yourself deeper in the practice OR you've never done yoga at all!

  • You're an experienced yogi but want a retreat that doesn't take itself too seriously; you want the time to go deeper in your practice at your own pace.

  • You've been searching for a retreat or travel destination where you can rejuvenate and have fun at the same time

  • You've been searching for the perfect travel destination or retreat where you can find the tranquility to meditate and connect with yourself.

  • Jungle-Views are just what the doctor prescribed!

  • Stress from everyday life is overwhelming and you need some healing time. 

  • Kids/pets/family/boss/parents are driving you crazy and you just need some YOU-time.

  • You're hard-working and deserve this!

  • You just need some space to breathe.

  • Your heart feels called to this: it’s for a reason. Come :)