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  • Hatha tantra yoga

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  • Sustainable culture

Lisen Ydse Christiansen has worked in Vancouver, France and for corporate Norway including lastly six years at Scandinavias largest waste management company in management positions within HR, Quality assurance and as a hands-on leader for various multi-million dollar projects, before she quit it all when she felt her purpose did not align with the type of work she did. Before reaching to this major shift in her life by following her intuition, she had started her inner journey several years prior during many solo travels around the world to understand her own essence and purpose in life without the ego-driven identities. After she had gone through the process and came of understanding her own authentic story affected by self-harming as a young adult, loss of a parent and the need to "prove herself" in a mans corporate world, and finding her own inner purpose as a coach and yoga instructor, she started The Sumati Concept in 2018 while still working full-time. In 2019 she took the plunge and quit a secure and steady income to focus 110% on her business and to fulfil her life purpose in helping making a positive impact.


With her business The Sumati Concept she helps her clients overcome their limiting beliefs by using yoga philosophy, yoga practice and meditation as inspiration and tools to unblock what is holding us back in finding our purpose and being the best version of ourselves we can be so that we can lead a more sustainable life and paying it forward to our communities and environment. She aims to help businesses create more meaningful environments for their employees, clients, and communities by providing tools and inspiration for leaders to create more inclusive and equitable cultures that empower all to succeed. Through coaching, presentations and workshops, she supports organisations finding their strengths to create the building blocks for their business, the employees, in hiring, on-boarding, and development strategies. She is an avid advocate for humanising the workplace and making sure leaders understand how to create the best environments and cultures so that employees can be really happy, feel inspired and appreciated. She knows the results of these amazing workplaces are higher profit and better service for all stakeholders. She is extremely passionate about telling her own story and relating it to everyone who wants to bring more meaning into their lives. She is a true believer that being a humanistic and inclusive business is the only way organisations will thrive in the future!


She has served as a project panel advisor for national workforce inclusion-programs, helped re-develop the national curriculum in the waste management diploma-program making it more accessible and inclusive on behalf of the National Directorate for Education, and she has held many presentations to inspire other organisations from Norway, Africa and Ukraine in the fields of social purpose and how it can benefit individuals, businesses and communities at large. Her work advocating for more inclusive corporations has been accredited in various news outlets in Norway and has been awarded by the Confederation by Norwegian Enterprises.

She took her 200 hr YTT in Bali under Everett Newell at Zuna Yoga and is a certified Yoga Alliance yoga instructor as well as certified SUP Yoga instructor from Stoked Yogi in San Diego. She has long experience teaching yoga to beginners and those with different challanges and does charity yoga, workshops and retreats around the world. Her retreats have a focus on self-development and self-love, our environmental impact and giving back to local communities.

When not travelling the world, Lisen can often be found teaching yoga classes at both Pluss Onsøy Gym & Studio and Studio Shanti yoga studio in her hometown of Fredrikstad in Norway. 

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