Empower yourself to create the life you want!

I'm gonna be bold here and say you perhaps feel, or have felt at some point, like I used to feel before I changed my life: Stressed. Feeling lost and unfulfilled. Always feeling like you only live to work and work has become your life and you feel like the day has just not enough hours to go around for all that needs to be done. Sounds familiar?

Here's the good news! You can change all that! In fact, you're the ONLY person that can change the course of your life. But here's another good news, you don't have to figure it all out on your own and alone.

With too much going on everyday, taking silent moments away is a luxury most of us don't have. But you don't have to travel the world to figure out how to find yourself. Below are my top five key points on how to create the vision for your life that you crave and deserve. Trust me, I have been there done that (over and over again) until I came to the point where I'm at today. I'm still on my journey, but at least I'm doing what I LOVE which is to help trailblazing change makers (like yourself) to create healthy, meaningful lives for themselves and the world around through my company, The Sumati Concept.

1. How to connect with the vision you have for your life today

If a person asked you right in this moment to describe yourself in ten years from now. Not from what you know and see today, but how you envision yourself ten years from now. Answer these questions and write them down:

1. What do you see?

2. Who's there with you?

3. How to you feel?

2. What are your top 5 goals for yourself and WHY?

Asking ourselves why we have the goals and dreams we have helps us determine what our motivation is. This will also help us see a clearer picture if what we are doing today is helping us to get closer to where we want to be tomorrow and if our goals, life purpose and dreams are in alignment with each other. If you want help putting it all into a system, head over to get your free workbook here.

3. Your journey of personal growth so far

Acknowledge where you are today and the journey you have been on so far. Try and see how everything you have done, people you have encountered, experiences, education, work... How has all of it defined you to become who you are today and that has led you this far. No matter how big or small, positive or negative as it may have been in the moment. Did you learn something from it that you have taken with you on your journey? Did it shape you in any way? Write it all down on a list.

All of your growth contributes to your overall success in reaching your goals so this is important. Especially because we tend to forget to acknowledge our own daily successes in life, this is a great motivator and reminder of your own personal growth!

4. Determine what it is that is holding you back

According to a study done by Dr. James Doty at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, the average person spends almost 80% of the time focused on regret about the past or anxiety about the future. That is just mind-blowing! Think about all the amazing people out there with so much potential that let fear and anxiety hold them back. We all want to feel empowered so we can live to our highest potential, but the truth is, most of us create these self-sabotaging obstacles. Fear and anxiety holds us back. Fear of judgement. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough.

Here's a personal example for you:

For years now I have felt that I had something more in me that needed to come out. That I could contribute to the world in a different way than I did and that there was a huge potential of growth somewhere. It took me a long time to build the self-awareness and awareness of what was around me and the cause and effect of it all. Once I discovered what my path and journey was, I've kept putting these annoying obstacles for myself. I keep doing it, but at least this time I'm aware of them and I fight against them. It is all my own fears! I was launching The Sumati Concept, building the website and then quitting my job. Yikes! Massive fears! I discovered the voice in my heart and that I wanted to bring inspiration to others through my own journeys by being more active on social media and doing a podcast. Massive massive fears and self-judgement. My inner critic was telling me over and over again that my voice sounds weird, what do I have to say and bring of value. The list goes on. Lastly, creating my online courses that I'm launching on Friday August 2nd this year. Now, in my entire being I feel that this is the right thing to do! My mission is to bring value to others so that others can grow and develop, and we can all impact which course the world takes in a sustainable balanced way of living. By doing so, I had to learn a lot of new tech-things (FYI, I've never been a tech-savvy person). However, I'm determined and persistent which definitely helps when it comes to pursuing your passions and what you know is right for you! AND I had to learn and be comfortable on camera. I'm facing my fears head on in order for me to grow so I can help others grow too.

So write down what your biggest obstacles are and ask yourself is there something you can do to tackle those obstacles and make an action plan for yourself.

5. Write down your action steps for smart goals

SMART goals is a widely used tool in business and is an acronym for:






Write down your top smart goals. This is different than your long-term goals. The smart goals are the steps you take in order to achieve the dream life you vision for yourself. Ask yourself is these goals are bringing you closer to your dream? What activity can you do everyday/every week/month so that you strengthen your everyday and future self while also making an impact around you?

For more information, click to sign up today to get your FREE copy of the workbook How to create a vision board for your life: Dream! Plan! Do it!

Everything in life is a journey so it is important to remember not to get tunnel visioned, but allow yourself to follow the currents of energy that life brings you. Meaning things will change along the way! Don’t be afraid of the change, change can be good if you are open to see the opportunities instead of the obstacles.

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