Soul food, yoga and new friendships

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Sometimes I ask my yoga retreat participants if they want to share their story in order to inspire others who might be seeking some change in their own lives. I strongly believe we all come into each other lives for a reason. This week it is the words from Cece, a soulful young vegan chef from Canada who's passion for traveling and a healthy sustainable lifestyle brought us together.

"Last month I ditched the renovations happening in my brand new dream house to flock to the jungles of Ubud, Bali and explore a week long yoga retreat, something I'd always wanted to do but had a never ending list of excuses why not to. 

I'm a very introverted person and I thrive in having my own space which is why being in a group dynamic situation makes me want to run away immediately! 

I happened upon the Sumati Concept by chance and got the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Lisen, bringing my skills and passion of fresh, organic, healthy, compassionate food to the retreat. 

We often don't think about what we're putting into our bodies and instead focus a lot on the outside-- what we look like. It's my goal to get us to also look within both on a spiritual level as well as a physical level and believe it or not-- both come from what we feed ourselves. A perfect combination to pair with yoga!

What we ingest as far as food goes is basically like putting mud vs gasoline in your car-- mud won't make it go where you want to, you're going to sputter out in no time. 

Brining these ideals to the Sumati Concept's yoga retreat, tying it hand in hand with the philosophy of yoga and most importantly the practice of non-violence, we brought movement (body), mental health (meditation), and combined it with nourishing, energizing meals leaving lasting effects on our thoughts, bodies and in our hearts.

Lisen, founder of The Sumati Concept has created an atmosphere that's inviting and inclusive. Not once did my ego roar up in flames when I couldn't perform a certain asana largely due to her patience and attendance in helping me reach my potential. 

The small group, limited to 10 participants (for the retreat at the Manipura Villa in Bali) creates a family feel, unintentionally. The women at the retreat I attended, started out as strangers from all over the world and left having received something from each individual experience of the women who shared this opportunity together. Over the course of the week through sharing and living together, walls came down, tears were shed, laughs were had and friendships were formed. 

Bringing conscious awareness to our minds, bodies and souls is a beautiful gift to give to yourself or a loved one!

Participant at the Bali Eco-Luxury retreat from all over the world: India, Iraq/Norway, Philippines, Canada, and here also with a special guest from England. We eat, we laugh, we talk, we cry and we form long lasting friendships.

Don't be afraid if you're scared you will 'look silly' -- no one there is going to judge you! Everyone is in the same position (literally!)

If you're looking for a place to start, a place to improve your practice or even a place to get away, renew your mind and meet some new friends, check out one of Lisen's retreats, she really is a kind hearted woman who genuinely believes in her practice which makes it an authentic experience!

Thank you for the opportunity Lisen! I hope we cross paths again soon! 



Cece Heart's life mission is to bring to you the gift that changed her life– healthy, plant based food! Like magic, this wonderous shift she made to fresh, organic food from the Earth has provided her with a new life and her aim is to share that with you!  When she is not found in a kitchen cooking somewhere, Cece like dancing in the rain, telling wild stories, backpacking around the world with her beau and posing awkwardly in front of beautiful backdrops. 

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