Let The Sumati Concept be your next offsite team building experience! We create a unique combination of work and play team-building experiences! Our emphasis is on creating the perfect balance of a healthy, sustainable, fun and inspirational trip for you and your team!

Why choose The Sumati Concept?

Reduce cost

With our expert help in organising events/retreats and with our connections around the world, you will save time and money!

Prevent risks

Let us be your guide and your support every step on the way to make sure everything goes smoothly! 

Unique experiences

We emphasise healthy and sustainable experiences in everything we do and can plan activities that will guarantee your team is left inspired and energised!

What's included?

We have more than 10 years of experience behind us in planning events/trips for groups of anywhere between 10 - 200 people. Let us do the job for you so you can save the organisational costs and time.

Save time & money!

We are with you every step of the way to make sure nothing goes wrong and to be your onsite support and guide.

Where you go, we go!

As world travellers ourselves with connections and first-hand knowledge of amazing locations around the world, we will make sure you and your team feel comfortable and relaxed. We always try to scout for locations that are aligned with our values of healthy and sustainable living. It's important to not just talk the talk, but actually walk the talk

Sustainable solutions

We provide you and your team with private group yoga sessions every morning and can add evening meditations as you like too. There will also be possible for you and your team to book 1-to-1 sessions (extra). 

We are experienced speakers, motivators and leadership coaches. You can book one of our talks or workshops as an additional team-motivator activity. 

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Get empowered!

From the arrival point to the return home, we will make sure you and your team are in the best hands and don't have to worry about time, long taxi queues or hustlers over-charging a transport. We arrange airport transport and all transport to/from your accomodation during the planned activities. We will also help you plan various group activities specific for your location.

Door to door

Are you planning a strategy meeting, a kick-off, project meetings, group workshops, or "just" regular work-time during the retreat? 

We got your back! We will make sure you got the equipment you need for a professional working environment "away from home".

Offsite yet connected


Get inspired to take your company to the next level!

Get empowered with a good dose of healthy fun!

Get equipped to monetise with a team culture that will sustain!

Next steps

Fill our the request for a quote form and click send. The more information you can provide, the better, but don't worry. You can always change the details later.


Once you have received our proposal and when all looks good, you send us your acceptance of the final proposal.


We will start with the details of your agenda for the team retreat and add food and activities and go over the schedule with you to confirm. This process is super easy and we're taking care of everything for you!


We will be there to greet you upon arrival and make sure everything goes smoothly every step of the way! During your retreat we will remind you and help keep track on the agenda so that you can relax and enjoy the true purpose of the trip.


Once we have received your request, we will go through it and we will send you a proposal based on the information you have provided for us. If we need to make any changes, this is the time to do it.


When the final proposal has been accepted by you, we will issue the first invoice instalment. This functions as a deposit payment in order for us to move ahead with the planning. We accept bank transfers, credit card payments and PayPal.


Final details are set and we're ready to go! Second invoice instalment will be issued and due prior to check-in.


Final step! Upon arrival back home at the end of the retreat, if there are any extra costs that wasn't included in our proposal, we will issue a final invoice. 




With our super-easy booking form you only need to fill it out by clicking the link below and we will be in touch within 48 hours. Don't worry, we don't expect you to know all the details yet but the more information you can give us, the quicker the process will be. The form does not take more than a minute to fill out!